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We help bring people together who share the same of discover and research.

About Us

The Espeleo Group of Brasilia -EGB- is a non-profit civil society, founded on October 21, 1977 and whose purpose is to support, promote and bring together people interested in the discovery, study, research and preservation of caves, as well as other activities related to caving and related sciences such as geology, biology, archeology, anthropology, public health, hydrology, etc.

Cave Hike

Good boot and extra attention are essential for good performance. Avoiding running and jumping greatly minimizes the risk of sprains and fractures.

Cave Rivers

Keep your feet in front to avoid striking the rest of the body,
Avoid swimming in very strong currents without the safety of a rope;.

Cave Lakes

Always cross a lake with a floating feature (float, vest, backpack) and do not underestimate an icy water.

Techniques and Equipment

It is important to remember that caving in any type of cave involves risks and requires technical knowledge and training.

Basic Equipment

We can help you by providing equipments which can help you in the excavation process which can help improve your technical knowledge.

Individual Equipment

You are allowed to bring in equipments which can be used in the excavation process to ensure that you have the safety of your own tools.

Collective Equipment

For bigger excavations we have the right tools which can help you get a head start in your journey of this discover.


Caving, besides involving various sports activities (such as walking, climbing, swimming, etc.) and risk-related emotions (all controlled), is an activity that brings us very close to nature.


We offer courses which allows you to grow and learn the technical aspects of discovery which can help you a long way.

Other Activites

We are not just about discovering but also help you in understanding the nature and bring in activities which can bring you close to nature.


We help you with the resources required to help you complete the caving process.

technical advisor

We have an expert in the group who can help you advise on the technical aspects on how to deal with the equipments.


There are several techniques which can be used to help you discover in your cave and help avoid any potential danger.

cave life

We help you understand the cave life by providing you with the information on how to survive in cave conditions.

The Group

The Espeleo Group of Brasilia is the pioneer among environmental NGOs in the Midwest region and is proud of its outstanding performance in the environmental policy scenario and even its militancy in defense of the environment. As in the decisive role he played in the intervention of mining works, which threatened to destroy some cavities, such as Lapa da Pedra (1979), Tamboril Cave (1987-88), Jabuticaba Cave (1991) and Lagoa Rica Cave.

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Things To Know Before You Buy An Air Cooler

Things To Know Before You Buy An Air Cooler

When we are talking about relief from the summer heat, there is indeed nothing quite like a cool breeze to heat our sweaty face which was longing for some cool air all day. An air conditioner can certainly do this for you. But sometimes there may be the matter of your budget, but fret not, there are also a lot of affordable options out there for you. The next best thing after an air conditioner would be an air cooler. Ceiling fans and even table fans may not cut it when you are longing for cool air. Therefore, an air cooler would be such a great option for you. You should check this out today to know more about fans and air coolers.

air coolers

Here are a few things that you should consider before investing in an air cooler.

–    What kind of cooler do you want? There are two kinds of coolers that you can consider. The portable air cooler and the desert air cooler. A portable option would be sufficient for cooling the area up to 200 square feet. is a great site for amazing content about cooling electronics.

–    The thickness of the pad.

–    The variable speed options.

–    The controller of the level of water.

–    The indicator that shows the level of water.

–    How portable is the device? This proves to be a very important buying factor. Because we need to see how portable they are since we won’t be using them 24/7 365 days. They would be used only when the weather is quite hot outside, and therefore it would be best if you purchased one that has wheels on its bottom so that it can be wheeled from place to place. Portability is also important if one person wants it on one day and another person wants it on another day. It can be wheeled from one room to another with no hassle.

–    As someone who owned an air cooler when growing up, it is indeed a great machine that will pump out cool air and will keep you peacefully cool at night and also during the day. It would be better if you invested in an air conditioner, but if you do not want to, an air cooler would be a perfect entry-level choice.

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10 Safety Tips For Cave Exploration

When exploring caves, you’ll experience a feeling of elation. You’ll want to find out more about the cave, and it’s the reason why some travelers push the boundaries further. However, you should realize that going too far can result in you facing difficulties. For the best outcome, make sure you follow the following 10 Safety Tips for Cave Exploration.

Let Someone Know Your Destination

The first thing you need to do is let someone know the cave you’re going to explore and when they should expect you out. Most caves run towards the underground, and it’s hard to figure out if they will have a phone network.

Don’t Ever Go Alone

Always make sure you explore a cave with at least three people. Moreover, one of you should be an experienced tour guide or cave explorer. You may encounter some difficulties, and it’s good if someone is around to help you.

Know When You Need To Rest

When venturing deep into a cave, you should whenever you feel tired. Carry water and some food. If you feel that you can’t explore further, walk out of the cave. Know some tips to reduce nausea

Use the Right Clothing and Gear

Always wear a quality and comfortable hard hat that features a sturdy chin wrap. In addition, you should wear elbow and knee guards to protect yourself. You should also wear layer or warm clothing with jackets, thick overalls or thick shawl.

Avoid Caves That Experience Flooding During the Rainy Season

Don’t explore caves which flood during the rainy season. Another thing you need to know is that cave floors are slippery if they are near water sources.

Carry a Minimum of Three Sources of Light

Make sure you have a waterproof source of light when exploring caves. Among the best options, you should use include a carbide lamp, torch or candle.

A First Aid Kit Is A Must Have

You should avoid sitting still for extended periods while in caves. Keep in mind shivering is the first indication of hypothermia. If you have any medical condition, you should consult your doctor before you consider caving. Have a first aid kit and ensure you know how to use it.

Leave Your Vehicle and Keys outside the Cave

Leaving your vehicle and keys outside the cave shows passersby that you’re inside the cave. In the event that your vehicle stays out there for too long, authorities can be alerted and start looking for you.

Familiarize Yourself with Your Cave Exploration Equipment

Make sure the cave exploring equipment you’re using is in the right condition. For example, check if your helmet is sturdy if you have lighting equipment and a raincoat.

Don’t Litter the Cave

It will be extremely hazardous if you litter waste on areas that water flows on in caves. Moreover, littering the cave with plastic bottles can make beautiful cave backdrops to become unsightly.

Wrapping Up

Exploring caves should be easy and safe using these 10 Safety Tips for Cave Exploration. For the best outcome, avoid going alone, have an experienced tour guide or cave explorer to guide you and carry water and some food.

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