When exploring caves, you’ll experience a feeling of elation. You’ll want to find out more about the cave, and it’s the reason why some travelers push the boundaries further. However, you should realize that going too far can result in you facing difficulties. For the best outcome, make sure you follow the following 10 Safety Tips for Cave Exploration.

Let Someone Know Your Destination

The first thing you need to do is let someone know the cave you’re going to explore and when they should expect you out. Most caves run towards the underground, and it’s hard to figure out if they will have a phone network.

Don’t Ever Go Alone

Always make sure you explore a cave with at least three people. Moreover, one of you should be an experienced tour guide or cave explorer. You may encounter some difficulties, and it’s good if someone is around to help you.

Know When You Need To Rest

When venturing deep into a cave, you should whenever you feel tired. Carry water and some food. If you feel that you can’t explore further, walk out of the cave. Know some tips to reduce nausea

Use the Right Clothing and Gear

Always wear a quality and comfortable hard hat that features a sturdy chin wrap. In addition, you should wear elbow and knee guards to protect yourself. You should also wear layer or warm clothing with jackets, thick overalls or thick shawl.

Avoid Caves That Experience Flooding During the Rainy Season

Don’t explore caves which flood during the rainy season. Another thing you need to know is that cave floors are slippery if they are near water sources.

Carry a Minimum of Three Sources of Light

Make sure you have a waterproof source of light when exploring caves. Among the best options, you should use include a carbide lamp, torch or candle.

A First Aid Kit Is A Must Have

You should avoid sitting still for extended periods while in caves. Keep in mind shivering is the first indication of hypothermia. If you have any medical condition, you should consult your doctor before you consider caving. Have a first aid kit and ensure you know how to use it.

Leave Your Vehicle and Keys outside the Cave

Leaving your vehicle and keys outside the cave shows passersby that you’re inside the cave. In the event that your vehicle stays out there for too long, authorities can be alerted and start looking for you.

Familiarize Yourself with Your Cave Exploration Equipment

Make sure the cave exploring equipment you’re using is in the right condition. For example, check if your helmet is sturdy if you have lighting equipment and a raincoat.

Don’t Litter the Cave

It will be extremely hazardous if you litter waste on areas that water flows on in caves. Moreover, littering the cave with plastic bottles can make beautiful cave backdrops to become unsightly.

Wrapping Up

Exploring caves should be easy and safe using these 10 Safety Tips for Cave Exploration. For the best outcome, avoid going alone, have an experienced tour guide or cave explorer to guide you and carry water and some food.