Who We Are

The Espeleo Group of Brasilia is the pioneer among environmental NGOs in the Midwest region and is proud of its outstanding performance in the environmental policy scenario and even its militancy in defense of the environment. As in the decisive role he played in the intervention of mining works, which threatened to destroy some cavities, such as Lapa da Pedra (1979), Tamboril Cave (1987-88), Jabuticaba Cave (1991) and Lagoa Rica Cave.

This item (“The Group”) gathers information related to EGB, such as “History”, “The Works”, “EGB in the Media”, “Projects” and some “Pearls” that the EGB has been collecting throughout of your story. All of this information has been made available to provide some insight into the broad contribution that the EGB has made to caves and the environment over these 25 years.

EGB is an open institution and is interested in new partners, employees and friends. If you are interested in joining our team, learning about our activities, learning about caves and caving, and searching for and documenting unknown and unexplored caves, you are welcome to attend our meetings . For more information, please contact us at our email contato@espeleogrupodebrasilia.org .