Topography Course


Description: Compass is a caving topography software for editing, processing, analyzing and viewing the topography. Allows you to create a project encompassing several caves tied by the coordinate of the entrance. It is the topography program that has been adopted by the EGB

Caving Course Handout – Outdoor Techniques

Description: This material was produced by Alvaro Barros and kindly provided by Outdoor Techniques to be available on this download page. Please note that reading this material does not replace a course or training with an experienced caver. The download can be done by datasheet (chosen by subject) or by downloading the entire book (.zip version). ”

Handout: Caving Basics – EGB

Description: Handout developed by Espeleo Group of Brasilia, suitable for reading and study by novice and veteran cavers orother interested. This material contains information about caving, from its history, working methodologies, geology and topography to the equipment related part and the main risks involved in the activity. In it are available the topography forms, symbolic subtitles, cave registration forms, group adhesion proposal and term of responsibility. Beginners or prospective members, please bring the completed MembershipProposalandDisclaimer to the meeting. “